b³positive offers temporary financial support to undocumented people living with HIV/AIDS who are staying in The Netherlands. 

How to
People living with HIV/AIDS can get financial support from the Humanitas Foundation in Rotterdam. The request for this support will be co-signed by the HIV-counselor of your hospital or treatment centre. When the support by Humanitas is not sufficient or has ended and if you are undocumented, you probably can get support from b³positive. We work with the same procedure: this request has to be signed by your HIV-counselor.

You can only reach us by e-mail: b3positive@freedom.nl
We do our best to answer e-mails as soon as possible, preferably within 72 hours.

Our funding/your support
b³positive depends on the gifts of other foundations or individual people. We spend very little money on our organization, so almost every donation we get goes to the people who need it. You can support us in the following ways:
• a gift; IBAN: NL93 INGB 0009 5508 09;
• a tax free periodical gift. You donate for at least 5 years a minimum of 50 euros a year.

Questions or suggestions? Please contact us at: fondsenwerving@b3positive.nl